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Laser Cutting Services

Flexible & Rigid Material Processing

Laser in action. Precision cutting of rolls and sheets.

Our laser is a very accurate computer controlled device providing superior cutting and marking of a wide variety of non-metalic materials.

Laser cutting is superior to many other forms of cutting. Programming and setup is fast and accurate. We don't use dies that are expensive, time consuming, and need sharpening. Nothing touches the material except the light of the laser eliminating the distortion caused by knife cutting.

What this service can do for you:

  • Prototype cutting
  • Production cutting of low and high volumes
  • Marking for decoration and identification
  • Roll to roll material handling
  • Kiss cutting of labels
  • Quick, efficient cost effective service
Roll-feed Laser Our roll feed laser is fast and accurate.


Laser-cut products. Kiss cutting, marking and cutting to singles.

Our 50 watt laser is capable of handling a wide variety of both sheeted and rolled goods. Your materials may be supplied for contract cutting or we can produce a completed product to your specifications.

We convert rolls or sheets, up to 0.75" thick and 24" wide. Material length is determined by composition. Sheets can be handled up to 40lbs max. weight.

We look forward to discussing your needs and we'll be pleased to perform a test cut of your material free of charge!

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