Holoshape Products, Inc. manufactures, produces, and distributes holographic and other 3D products for identification, authentication, security, and promotional uses.

In association with Holographic Design, Inc., Holoshape has been providing innovative imaged products and solutions since 1984. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government, and small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to secure and promote their products.

In addition to its own production capabilities, Holoshape's strategic associations offers world-class capabilities in the creation and production of security holographics and printing for a wide range of products, including packages, hang tags, and other proven security devices.

Holoshape now provides a full line of holographic products for apparel applications. Holoshape apparel holograms can be applied directly to shirts, jeans, hats, bags, and more, remaining bright and looking new for 50 launderings and beyond.

We'll show how holograms can work for you!