Standard Security and ID devices are readily available and easily duplicated at the local copy shop. Holograms are the only cost-effective product that cannot be duplicated by any conventional printing, copying, or photo-reproductive process. Used on credit cards, licenses, passports, and currency, holograms are recognized worldwide as premier security and authentication devices.

Counterfeiting, diversion, and tampering destroy brands, put consumers at risk, raise liability, and reduce revenue. The ability to authenticate a product, collectible, package, or recognizing that tampering has occurred is critical today.

Original holograms elevate your companys image and protect your proects. Customize stock security pattern holograms increase security at a fraction of the cost of full original images.

The security of hologram labels can be used to prevent counterfeiting and authenticate:

IDs Parts Documents Art
Collectibles Certificates Consumer products Asset identification

Holoshape Products offers cost-effective security solutions to eliminate counterfeits. The use of holograms directly benefits your bottom line. However, not all holograms provide the same degree of security. There are multiple levels of security to consider, full custom holograms, custom cut stock patterns and standard stock holograms