Custom Shapes

We use our precision laser cutting system to create almost any shape label. Rather than using costly dies, shapes are quickly programmed and ready for production.

From simple squares with unique dimensions to complex shapes like a “#” just send an outline of your shape and dimensions. If you would like us to create your shape, just ask

Why shaped label?

               - Allows the flexibility to create the perfect size label 
               - Enhances the security of a stock pattern  
               - Dresses up promotional projects  
               - Can be created to fit into a specific area  
               - Interior cuts allow more design options


Unique shaped labels add complexity to full custom image labels and stock security patterns by increasing the difficulty for someone to produce a similar

Laser etching of numbers, codes, or logos increase
security even more.

Single color print of logos, numbers, or codes adds an
additional option.

Size - You specify the size to meet your requirements. 3/16” x 3/16” (0.1875” x 0.1875” or 4.762 5mm x 4.762 5mm)
5 8/7” x 5 7/8” (5.875” x 5.875” or 149.225mm x 149.225mm)

Ordering is quick and easy

1. Send a design, choose an example, or ask us to prepare your shape

2. Choose a security pattern

3. Decide how many labels you need

4. Contact us for a quote and to make arrangements for payment, shipping or other needs.

Holoshape Stock Security Patterns

Other patterns are available - Minimum orders apply