Custom Imaging

Design, Setup, and Mastering

We offer the widest variety of holographic imaging techniues available today. We can meet your imaging needs from simple pattern logo surface images to the most sophisticated security holograms.

Creating a custom hologram starts with your concepts and project requirements. Descriptions and illustrations of the most common types of holographic imaging are below.

2D Holograms and Gratings

2D holograms use the characteristic moving rainbow coloration exhibiting a bright, active image surface. 2D hologram images are commonly used as patterns packaging applications and backgrounds for overprinted labels.

Dot-Matrix Holograms

Dot-matrix holograms are computer-generated images made up of pixels. Each pixel, or dot, can be individually oriented. Then combined, the hologram's many dots create the image or images that change as the hologram is tipped in the light.

2D3D Multi-Level Graphic Holograms

Multi-level graphic holograms create 3D images by placing 2D graphic images on different levels. Commonly called 2D3D holograms, their brightness and vivid colors make this technique very popular for logos and character properties.

3D Holograms

"3D holograms that once used real 3D models are now computer-generated and can be very sophisticated and creating exciting images." True realistic color is possible when aligned in the optimal viewing position.

Multi-Technique Holograms

These holograms combine multiple hologram types into one uniue image. This example utilizes all the hologram types listed above, except true color images.

Design, Setup, and Mastering

One time costs to Design, Setup, and Mastering custom hologram images start at $1950. Every custom hologram project is unique and will be qualified and quoted on a per-job basis.